As written in our first feature post, Completely Branded For Your Resort, we provide an app that is yours, and yours alone. The app is is in the app stores and is ready – what next?  Of course, at deployment, you will have 0 downloads and will need to grow your user base. In order for any new initiative to be successful, your resort must be consistent in promotion and marketing.  Fortunately, that sounds more daunting that it actually is.  Of course we want you to be successful and therefore we.provide a few materials to facilitate this. Our materials are printable and shareable on your social media and easy to add to your website.

Social Media Ad

We provide two ads to share in your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. One is for introducing your app and another is for a reminder post down the road. See our sample below:

Download Badges for Your Website

We provide the html code necessary to add to your website to link guests to download your app.

Activity Printout

There is a section added to each activity printout to advertise your app for downloads.

Other ideas to promote the app are giveaways to those who download the app at check-in and to advertise your app on your newsletters and other guest communications. Why not set yourself apart from the rest and get a jump start on the value that a mobile app can provide by getting it in front of your guests as quickly and consistently as possible.  After that, they will also understand the value the app can bring to their experience.