Need Information From Your Guests?

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The more you can drive your guests to use your mobile app, the more successful it will be.  Why not save them some steps at the same time? Literally!

Instead of coming to the Camp Office to fill out a form – can your guests provide you the information you need from the comfort of their campsite?

Our Custom Forms feature allows you to create any type of form to collect whatever information you may need from your guests. A simple form builder is available in the administrative console and forms can be attached throughout the app as needed.  User log-in is also an optional feature to this function determined by the resort by a simple checkbox depending on the intent of the form.

Multiple field and response format options are available to accommodate the variety of information you can collect… examples include date and time, free form text, star rating and checkbox to name a few.

Pro-Tip: Examples of forms: Visitor request or registration logs, feedback forms, reservation request forms, sales inquiries for lead generation, campsite deliveries etc.

Let the app work for you as an information resource as well.

Recreation. Not Investigation.

Let’s Go Hunting

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Looking for new activities and engagement for your guests around your park? Want to enhance the sales process for prospective owners? Introducing our newest feature, Scavenger Hunts. Inside of your own resort app, you can create, manage, and score scavenger hunts.

Let’s Get Down To Business…

Like everything else in your app, there is a lot of flexibility to make the scavenger hunt(s) unique to your property. Your hunt, your style. Each step has three format options – Photo, Clue / Answer, or QR Code Scanning. There is no limit to the number of steps each hunt can have or the format variety throughout each.

A little more about each format:

  • Photo
    • Users are prompted to take a photo or selfie for their response to the clue.
    • Photos can be shared by either your guest or the resort to social media.
    • Photo steps can also have a hashtag and sharing comment prepoulated to any photo shared on social media.
  • Clue/Answer
    • Simple question/answer step
  • QR Code Scanning
    • Preprint QR codes with the correct answer on a sign or poster at the location
    • Your clue can direct guests to scan a staff member’s QR code on their phone.

You can always make the clues as easy or difficult as you would like – therefore, you can also offer your guests a little hint for the tough ones!

Different Types of Hunts

We have a few ways to add a scavenger hunt to your app.

  • Scavenger Hunt List – Guests can access the scavenger hunts at any time via the main menu and do them at their leisure.
  • Activity Button – Create a resort activity around a scavenger hunt to enhance the thrill of competition amongst your guests!  No one can see the clues until the hunt begins and prizes can be awarded for the winners!
  • Explore the Park!  Guests can be guided throughout your park via clues while seeing all of the amenities your resort has to offer.  PRO-TIP: This model is ideal for new guests or those looking to buy a membership or potential owners visiting your resort.

And the winner is……

If your hunt is associated to an activity or to a prize, you may want to verify the answers.

  • QR Scans are automatically graded when the scan is completed.
  • Clue/Answer types are tested to see if the guest’s answer matches the actual answer
  • Photo steps require manual scoring

Staff members can grade answers via the app on their own phones/tablet by a simple swipe.  Users have the ability to see their completed hunt scores at any time after grading.

Want to play the hunt again or complete it at another time? No problem – guests can restart or resume their hunt at any time!

Recreation. Not Investigation.

More Advertising Revenue

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We detailed how to generate revenue or promote your property in our post, Show Me the Money, regarding splash screens. If you have different tiers of sponsors or too many to get value from only the splash screens, you may want to be able to display advertising to your users that isn’t a splash screen.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are common to mobile apps and are typically ran by Google or Apple to advertise to your guests. We did not go down the path of using Google or Apple to advertise to your users for a few reasons, but we do use the same paradigm.

Banner ads are small images that sit at the bottom of the screen, taking up 10% or so of the user’s screen. You are completely in charge of these ads. All revenue generated from these ads are  completely yours.

You can add as many of these to your app as you would like and they are rotated randomly to the users so they see each ad. You can decide which pages each ad is displayed on.  Each banner ad can be clickable into a website.

No Need to Leave the Campfire

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Do you deliver pizza, firewood, smores, or other items to your campsites? Use your app to remind the users of this and get them to place orders.

Campsite Deliveries

Guests can pull up the listing of items you offer for delivery.

Once they click on an item, they get a familiar screen. The screen contains an image, buttons, description and options on the right hand side.

The buttons are “Call”(This changes to “Call to Order” if there is no email for ordering item) and if there is an email associated, there is an “Order” Button.

The options on the right hand side are the different options they have, for sizes, etc. Below that they can list options and if those options have any associated extra costs.

The order button will take the guest to a form, which will require them to login. The form will get their email address from the login and will ask their site number, quantity, and options they selected. After the form is submitted, the system currently generates and email with the details that is sent to the correct address for this item.



Guest Loyalty / Rewards Platform!

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It is time to announce the feature that is going to take your guest interaction to a new level!  We have created a platform within the app for a Loyalty/Rewards program.

Loyalty Management System

We have created a loyalty management system that allows your resort to decide how/when users earn and redeem reward points.

Examples of ways to earn:

  • Activity participation
    • You can set a default value for points earned for guests attending a free activity, or one that has a cost
    • The default points can be overridden for any activity and have unique points associated.
  • Purchases from the camp store
    • Multiple categories can be added for different types of purchases(e.g. Food/Beverage, Merchandise)
  • Reservation for nightly stays
    • Set different point values for different types of accommodations(e.g. RV Site, Cabin).
  • Miscellaneous / Ad Hoc Points
    • Certain staff can have access to view point history and add miscellaneous points to a guest

Race For the Points

As a guest, I have the ability to always see my point total and my point history.

The guest home screen shows three buttons:

Redeem – Expandable fields will include redemption details and directions how to redeem for specific areas

Earn – Expandable fields include description and directions of how to earn points in each category available

History – Summary of the guest’s point history

As a resort, you can list upcoming point promotions or any other pertinent information regarding your loyalty program.

The Process

Staff members you assign have a special section in the app that only staff members can see.

Staff members can open the particular item they are managing(Store purchase, accommodation, or activity attendance). When the staff member clicks into that section their phone automatically turns into a barcode scanner and they can scan the QR code(shown above) in the guest’s “Rewards” section. No additional equipment is required!

No App? Once Again, No Problem!

What about those guests who don’t have a smart phone?  No problem! These guests can still have a rewards account. They can be given a member rewards card with a barcode on the back similar to other rewards programs. When a guest is given a rewards card, the staff member handing it out, just needs to log the guests e-mail address, name, and the number associated with that barcode(the numbers underneath). Therefore, all guests can participate.

This level of interaction with both your guests via your mobile app will increase loyalty to your resort, increased resort participation, and enhanced guest experience.

Expandable to Fit Your Needs

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Every campground has unique needs and a different set of content that would be relevant to their guests.

Extensible Menu Items

We have made our menu items extensible so each campground can add their own unique items. While we have 16 default menu items that has different functionality, you can use those or add more.

Take Branson for example, previously they needed to rename the default menu item, “Attractions”, to “Branson Shows” as guests to this location is typically interested in these shows. You can now add menu items as you see fit, you can use one of the defaults, or add your own.

Currently, the custom menu items you add can be one of three types:

  • Business Listing
    • Add list of businesses or any other form of location.
    • Clicking on a business is just like any other business section(services, recreation, dining, or attractions)
    • Examples: Branson shows, local wineries
  • Expandable Listing
    • Add items with a title and description
    • The titles are listed when a user enters this section
    • When a user clicks on the title, it expands to show the description
    • Examples: Trolly information, Petting zoo information
  • Website
    • When this menu item is clicked, a webpage you put in is open
    • This can open in the browser(Good for pages that the user will navigate around in)
    • The webpage can also be displayed as embedded in the app
    • Examples: Owners only website, trolley location, calendar sign-up, TripAdvisor feedback form, Twitter feed.

Customized Icons

With these changes, with any item, default or custom, you can modify the name of the menu item(e.g. rename activities to events) and you can change which icon is displayed for each item.

Where Is Site 283? Introducing Our New Searchable Maps!

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Navigating a new campground can be difficult, whether guests are looking for their site or for the location of an activity. We have heard this issue from multiple campground owners and we have experienced this trouble as guests ourselves. We decided to solve this problem with our app so guests can always find what they are looking for.

Searchable Maps

If you choose the searchable map feature, we will map out each of your searchable locations to be displayed in the app. Therefore, when a guest opens the map section, a search bar will be displayed. When a guest searches for a specific location, the map will dim and the location will be highlighted with a pin drop for the location.

The map image will still have the pinch and zoom function even with the highlighted location.

Initial map

Searching for site 283

Zoomed closer to site

While we have to build the map highlights you can tell us what color and how you would like the highlights displayed(You could have the name put next to it or use a target instead of a pin drop, etc.)

Map Button

When we detailed the event detail page, “What Is the Pour at Four Event?”, we mentioned that there is a map button that displays the respective location for that event. For any event that is being held at the campground, the map button can be displayed.  The location can be one of the assigned locations within the map as searchable.  When a user clicks the map button it will open up the resort map and highlights the respective location of that activity just as displayed above. In this particular case, we remove the search bar to display more of the map.

This is one of our two new exciting new features to increase the interaction between your resort and your guests.  This is a great opportunity to put YOUR resort in THEIR hands.

Recreation. Not Investigation.

How Are We Doing?

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Whether you have a current process for receiving feedback or not, your new app can add value to that process as well.

In App Form

Guests can click into the Feedback section and are taken to a feedback form.

When feedback is submitted, one or multiple employees can be emailed with the feedback.

All prior feedback can also be accessed in the app admin console.

Online Feedback

If you currently use an online system to keep track out your feedback, the feedback icon can be modified to embed the online feedback page into the app so the guest can leave their feedback in that system without ever leaving your app.

You can still direct guests to Google reviews, TripAdvisor or wherever you’d like additional reviews left as well.

We Are Not a Reservation System

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We are asked many times when we first start speaking to a potential client if we are a reservation system. To be brief, we are not.  There are many companies that do a great job as a reservations company. That being said, we want to include any information in your app that your guests would need to enjoy your resort.

Reservation Section

One of our default sections in Resort Navigator is reservations. This section has two tabs, one for lodging based reservations and one for miscellaneous reservations (e.g. Boat rental, golf cart rental, clubhouse rental)

These tabs list out all the items you have available to reserve.

When a guest clicks into a an item the detail page looks similar to the other other detail pages. There is a picture, followed by the button bar, and then a description.

The button bar has the following buttons:

  1. Call Button
    1. Each item can have a unique phone number, if phone number is left empty, the button will call the front desk.
    2. If there is no reservation button, the call button is renamed to “Call to reserve”
  2. Reserve Button
    1. This button can open up the website for your online reservations
    2. If you do not have online reservations, it can be tied to an email address and the users can fill out a form to be emailed.
  3. Photos button
    1. If you upload more than one image for this item, a photo button will be added and when clicked a gallery will open.

To the right of the description is a list of the different rates associated with this reservation.

How Do We Get People to Download Our App?

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As written in our first feature post, Completely Branded For Your Resort, we provide an app that is yours, and yours alone. The app is is in the app stores and is ready – what next?  Of course, at deployment, you will have 0 downloads and will need to grow your user base. In order for any new initiative to be successful, your resort must be consistent in promotion and marketing.  Fortunately, that sounds more daunting that it actually is.  Of course we want you to be successful and therefore we.provide a few materials to facilitate this. Our materials are printable and shareable on your social media and easy to add to your website.

Social Media Ad

We provide two ads to share in your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. One is for introducing your app and another is for a reminder post down the road. See our sample below:

Download Badges for Your Website

We provide the html code necessary to add to your website to link guests to download your app.

Activity Printout

There is a section added to each activity printout to advertise your app for downloads.

Other ideas to promote the app are giveaways to those who download the app at check-in and to advertise your app on your newsletters and other guest communications. Why not set yourself apart from the rest and get a jump start on the value that a mobile app can provide by getting it in front of your guests as quickly and consistently as possible.  After that, they will also understand the value the app can bring to their experience.

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