A key contributing factor in choosing a campground is the local area.  Therefore, many campgrounds and local businesses have created relationships to bring guests from the campground into the storefronts. At times they will give your guests a special discount. An option to consider is also to sell advertising space to these businesses to communicate to your guests.

Business Specials

We built into the app the ability to add a “Special” to any business. When you add a special to a business, a few things occur.

  1. There is an icon that is shown on the business listing page to denote a special
  2. You can add the Special button to the detail page
  3. Ability to add a popup to the business for further “significant” information.  We will elaborate on this below:

Special Popup

Click the Special button and a popup box appears to tell the guest what the special offer is for this business.

Ability to configure the popup to open automatically

Customize the pop-up appearances – Options include – first time on the page to open the pop up only, every time the user opens this business, or to never automatically open

These customizations will enable both you and your local business partners to continue to maximize your guest’s experience and personalize the touchpoints.