Need Information From Your Guests?

The more you can drive your guests to use your mobile app, the more successful it will be.  Why not save them some steps at the same time? Literally! Instead of coming to the Camp Office to fill out a form – can your guests provide you the information you need from the comfort of

Let’s Go Hunting

Looking for new activities and engagement for your guests around your park? Want to enhance the sales process for prospective owners? Introducing our newest feature, Scavenger Hunts. Inside of your own resort app, you can create, manage, and score scavenger hunts. Let's Get Down To Business... Like everything else in your app, there is a

More Advertising Revenue

We detailed how to generate revenue or promote your property in our post, Show Me the Money, regarding splash screens. If you have different tiers of sponsors or too many to get value from only the splash screens, you may want to be able to display advertising to your users that isn't a splash screen. Banner

No Need to Leave the Campfire

Do you deliver pizza, firewood, smores, or other items to your campsites? Use your app to remind the users of this and get them to place orders. Campsite Deliveries Guests can pull up the listing of items you offer for delivery. Once they click on an item, they get a familiar screen. The screen contains

Guest Loyalty / Rewards Platform!

It is time to announce the feature that is going to take your guest interaction to a new level!  We have created a platform within the app for a Loyalty/Rewards program. Loyalty Management System We have created a loyalty management system that allows your resort to decide how/when users earn and redeem reward points. Examples

Expandable to Fit Your Needs

Every campground has unique needs and a different set of content that would be relevant to their guests. Extensible Menu Items We have made our menu items extensible so each campground can add their own unique items. While we have 16 default menu items that has different functionality, you can use those or add more.

Where Is Site 283? Introducing Our New Searchable Maps!

Navigating a new campground can be difficult, whether guests are looking for their site or for the location of an activity. We have heard this issue from multiple campground owners and we have experienced this trouble as guests ourselves. We decided to solve this problem with our app so guests can always find what they

How Are We Doing?

Whether you have a current process for receiving feedback or not, your new app can add value to that process as well. In App Form Guests can click into the Feedback section and are taken to a feedback form. When feedback is submitted, one or multiple employees can be emailed with the feedback. All prior

We Are Not a Reservation System

We are asked many times when we first start speaking to a potential client if we are a reservation system. To be brief, we are not.  There are many companies that do a great job as a reservations company. That being said, we want to include any information in your app that your guests would